Tungsten machining

Tungsten alloys for machining

High density, exceptional resistance to corrosion, high modulus of elasticity, impressive thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion: tungsten alloys are used in the machining of parts for aeronautics, aerospace, medical, automotive but also by the oil and gas industry or in the watch and luxury sector.

ARCOM Industrie has extensive experience in the machining of tungsten alloys: DENAL®, SPARKAL®, DENSIMET® and INERMET®, ELMET®…

Tungsten machining, applications for which sectors of activity?

There are tungsten pieces in different sectors. Below are examples of parts for a selection of sectors.

  • Aeronautics: turbine blades, balancing weights
  • Spatiales: Shield against X-ray and range
  • Medical: Collimator and shielding against x-rays and gamma radiation for X-ray equipment
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Nozzles and Nozzle Control
  • Armament: armor piercing ammunition
  • Luxury: jewelry, watches
  • Sports equipment: ski poles and shoe spikes
  • Automotive: crankshafts, pistons and gear levers
  • Electronics industry: Used as bases and as heat sinks

This list is not exhaustive; do not hesitate to contact us for your specific requests.

The advantages of tungsten

The tungsten parts have the following characteristics:

  • Rigid
  • Very high hardness (9 on the Mohs scale)
  • Resistant to wear, shock
  • Resistant to extreme pressures
  • Resistant to very high temperatures
  • Very high density that provides effective protection against X and gamma rays.

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