Our Commitments


engagement qualité

ARCOM Industrie’s quality policy is based on listening and customer satisfaction:

“Offer service and quality to fully meet the requirements of our customers”

ISO 9001 certified by AFAQ, all of our human and material resources allow us to guarantee the quality of our products. In order to ensure the follow-up of our manufacturing, we have equipped ourselves with efficient control means.


Our engineering department is working in co-design with our customers as well as our partners to improve and optimize their products. With the help and expertise of the bar turning Technical Center (www.ctdec.com) and the Mechanical Industries Technical Center (www.cetim.fr).


The challenge of sustainable development has been integrated by Arcom Industrie with new environmental and energy requirements, by acquiring more responsible and more sustainable means and methods.

ARCOM Industrie has chosen to reduce its waste by integrating the recycling of oils and shavings.


In partnership, we master also:

  • Cutting – Stamping
  • Sheet metal work: Folding and Bending
  • Heat treatments
  • Surface treatments
  • Sealing glass to metal
  • Laser cutting
  • Water jet cutting
  • Welding MIG and TIG