Machining parts for the medical sector

The medical sector requires tailor-made solutions. To this end, a team of competent and experienced technicians is available to customers for optimizing existing production processes or developing new applications.

Our employees have extensive experience in machining the most common materials in the medical field: titanium, PEEK, stainless steels, …

ARCOM Industrie ensures perfect traceability of components (CCPU 3.1, individual marking, etc.) and offers project management for cleanliness conditions and associated surface treatments (passivation stripping, anti-wear coating, polishing, etc.).

A leading supplier of major clients in the medical field, we are recognized for our technical expertise.

Application domain

+ Diagnostic
+ Instrumentation
+ Implantable
+ Medical imaging
+ Biotechnology
+ Hospital equipment

Our strenght

  • Medical wash with biocompatible alcohol
  • Dedicated cell assembly
  • Specific packaging for clean room delivery
  • Quality guaranteed by 100% control
  • Laser microweld with watertightness guaranteed by leak detection test
  • Member of ‘’Mont Blanc Médical Industries’’


+ Diagnostic needle
+ Implantable chambers
+ Surgical tools


+ Titanium: TA6V ELI,…
+ Stainless steel: 316LVM, 430F, ..
+ Nickel alloys: MP35N
+ Plastic: Peek,…
+ Aluminum