Vacuum and UHV

ARCOM Industrie, specialist of vacuum and UHV accessories.   

The vacuum is a space in which molecules are greatly rarefied. So, to “create a vacuum”, we take a sealed enclosure and pump the air.

The ultrahigh vacuum is a very high vacuum, corresponding to a pressure of the order of 10-8 Pascal.

This very high precision sector requires advanced skills. For use in the vacuum and ultrahigh vacuum areas, we guarantee optimum finish quality.

Major players in this industry recognize our expertise and trust us.

Application domain

+ Semiconductor
+ Photovoltaic
+ Research Laboratory

Our strenght

  • Modified alcohol wash
  • High level of cleanliness
  • Specific packaging
  • Traceability by laser marking
  • Assembly, TIG / MIG welding


+ Brides
+ Fittings
+ Tips
+ Injection plates
+ Distribution blocks<§strong>


+ Stainless steel
+ Aluminum
+ Plastic
+ Steel