Our resources for part machining services

Installed on a 3000 M² site, our efficient and flexible production tool allows us to offer comprehensive services to meet the needs of the most varied markets.

Arcom Industrie is constantly making major investments (7 to 10% per year) to gain competitiveness.

CNC lathes, dual spindles: ø 10 to ø 51mm
CNC sliding head lathes: ø 0.50 to ø 32mm
Multi spindle lathes: ø 16mm max
CNC lathe, 3 axis: ø 250 max
High speed machining center, 5 axis: 500 x 500 x 500
Laser Welding
Laser Marking
Wire Cut EDM
Leak detection
Washing with modified alcohol (biocompatible product)
Profile measuring device
Defect measuring device
3D measuring device
Optical control (x 30)
VICI VISION MTL 1 optical measuring machines