Laser welding is a technique that allows several pieces of metal to be joined using a laser.

The beam is an extremely concentrated heat source which allows precise and resistant welds while maintaining a fast rate.

In the medical industry for implants in particular; it is the aesthetic aspect of laser welding and the absence of filler metal that encourage the use of this technology because there is no change in the biocompatibility of the initial material.

ARCOM Industrie has many tool configurations that allow us to process the most demanding welding geometries, including tubular microweld.

Application domain

+ Medical
+ Empty and ultrahigh
+ Electronic
+ Optical

Our strenghts

  • High mechanical resistance
  • Homogeneity of the weld
  • Localized microwelding
  • No filler metal = guaranteed biocompatibility
  • Leaktightness of welds guaranteed by leak detection test
  • Repeatability of the process
  • Economical: quick implementation and great flexibility
  • Small to large series