Machining parts for the automotive sector

The automotive sector requires tailor-made solutions. To this end, a team of competent and experienced technicians is available to customers for optimizing existing production processes or developing new applications.

Our employees have extensive experience in machining the most common materials in the automotive field.

ARCOM Industrie supplies machining and free-cutting parts to OEMs and equipment manufacturers in the automotive, heavy goods and agricultural machinery sectors.

  • Co-Industrialization / Co-development:

ARCOM Industrie makes co-development with its customers the spearhead of its organization. This approach is part of a long-term partnership throughout which our teams support you in the industrialization and optimization of your products.

  • Project management:

Each new product start-up is supervised by a dedicated project manager during the ramp-up phase. Our competitiveness is based on the continuous improvement of our production processes.

  • Supply Chain :

ARCOM Industrie‘s Supply Chain relies on a clear organization and responsible people. A workshop optimized according to lean manufacturing standards and the ERP tool allow just-in-time deliveries (with supply plan and delivery calls). Our teams are able to mobilize at any time to meet your requests in order to adapt production and logistics to your new requirements.

Application Domain

+ Components for turbo, braking, injection, transmission and power steering systems
+ The delivered products: pinion, rotor, axis, insert, ball joint, rod, valve, spindle, piston, roller, flange, plug, nut, pin, screw, support, rivet, ferrule, spacer, ring, needle, tie rod, stud ,…


+ pinion, rotor, axis, insert, ball joint,
+ rod, valve, spindle, piston, roller,
+ flange, plug, nut, bar turning pawn, crew, support,
+ rivet, nipple, spacer, ring, throttle, tie-rod, bolt, …


+ Steel
+ Brass
+ Aluminium
+ Stainless Steel
+ Titanium
+ Inconel
+ Nickel
+ Tungsten

Quality Service

All of our production complies with the requirements of the standards of equipment manufacturers and car manufacturers:

  • Presentation of initial samples with PPAP file
  • SPC follow-up
  • Capability study
  • IMDS recording
  • 100% sorting by camera

Our main customers regularly assess our quality organization.

Metrology – Control:
To guarantee the best level of quality, we integrate additional sorting operations by camera. These checks guarantee the absence of defective parts and ensure the PPM rate