Titanium machining

ARCOM Industrie is a long-time specialist in the machining of titanium, metal with remarkable properties but whose implementation is very demanding.

Long reserved for the most advanced sectors, titanium, thanks to its remarkable qualities, is now machined for many sectors of activity.

Medical: surgical implants

  • Aeronautics & aerospace: blades, engine components
  • Luxury: jewelry, watches
  • Spectacle trade
  • Sports Equipment: cycle, mountaineering, free flight
  • Boating: deck hardware
  • Automotive: valves, connecting rods
  • Chemical / Energy Industry: Condensers, Tubing, Fittings


  • Biocompatibility (TA6V ELI)
  • Lightweight
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Stainless
  • Aestheticism

Titanium machining for medical: biocompatibility!

The use of titanium developed because of its biocompatibility character.

Indeed, bone spontaneously adheres to titanium, making it a preferred material for prostheses.

Titanium is one of the most biocompatible metals, with gold and platinum.

Moreover, titanium has a high mechanical resistance and a modulus of elasticity very low, close to that of the bone structures.

This elasticity, which promotes bone remodeling by forcing the bone to work, makes titanium a particularly interesting biomaterial.

Titanium for aeronautics and space: Resistance and lightness

Titanium is also used in the production of machined parts intended for aeronautical use for its characteristics of lightness, resistance to corrosion, mechanical resistance and, consequently, its duration over time.

The main applications using titanium concern civil aviation: engine parts, cell structures and some components. However, the new military aeronautical programs will have a non-negligible impact.

Driven by new generations of airliners, aerospace applications will soon account for half of the annual consumption of titanium.

Titanium for the military industry

It is used as shielding where its mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion and fire are put forward.

Titanium for the chemical industry

The chemical sector, in the broad sense of the term, is the second sector of activity where titanium is present.

Thus, titanium tubes are found in many condensers, where its resistance to corrosion and abrasion allows long service lives.

Titanium for the energy industry

Titanium is also used in the Energy Industry in the form of pipes and fittings still for its resistance to corrosion and its resistance to erosion.

Due to its high specific strength, it is also used in turbine-shaped turbine generators.

Titanium for the automotive industry

The automobile is using more and more titanium to lighten vehicles to reduce both fuel consumption and noise.

There are valves, springs and connecting rods made of titanium.

Titanium for the Sport and Leisure sector:

Titanium is also used today for the production of machined parts for cycles (bicycle frame, brakes, screws), mountaineering (carabiners, pontoons), free flight (carabiner, quick link hardware), but also sailing (deck hardware)

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