Needle machining

ARCOM Industrie is the specialist in the machining of needles. These very technical products require the greatest precision. Concerned about quality, our products are ISO 9001 certified.

We manufacture needles according to the specifications of our customers.

Typically, the needles are composed of a base, a cannula (the tubular body of the needle) and a bevel, the end of the needle. The needles that we machine can be either monobloc or assembled by laser micro welding

Application of needle machining

The applications are very varied and applicable to many sectors:

Medical needles:

For the dental, the medical diagnosis, the mesotherapy.

Veterinary needles:

They are made of stainless steel with rather thick walls to limit the risk of breakage. These veterinary needles are for the use of all types of livestock animals, poultry, and fish.

We make needles in all types of material:

+ Stainless steel
+ Stainless steel 316LVM
+ Inconel
+ Monel
+ Titanium TA6VELI
+ Nickel MP35N

We are able to realize different types of bevels:

+ “Standars” bevel
+ “Short” bevel
+ “Mini” bevel
+ Faceted bevel
+ Foam tip

For a perfect finish, we can also offer electro polishing and passivation.

To ensure product traceability, our needles can be laser-marked.

assemblage aiguille

We are able to realize different types of bevels:

+ Needle salting / brining
+ Dosing needle
+ Encapsulation needle
+ Gassing needles
+ Washing needles
+ Silicon needles

ARCOM Industrie can machine the needle according to your own needs.

soudage marquage laser

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